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VIP Testing Huddle - Currently Open!


Love decor, storage and kids products?

Live in the USA?

If so we have good news for you:


We are currently recruiting for our USA VIP Testing Huddle.

Members receive very exclusive deals (most of the time we will be sending you new or existing products for FREE) in exchange for open and honest feedback.

Sometimes we will ask you to take some photos for us to use, etc.

Product quality is in our fabric, and through this program we are able to Huddle with a select group of precious VIP customers to better understand your needs and wants. We keep this group small and intimate - so if you think you would get excited to receive our products for free and help shape our brand, then JOIN US NOW - fill in the form and we will be in touch with the full details 

Yay! Thanks for your application! We will be in touch shortly with the details.

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