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Family in Bed



to gather or crowd together in a close mass.

I founded Huddle Supply Co because I wanted stylish products that make my life as a parent easier. After all, you shouldn’t have to choose between what makes you feel good, and what works for you and your family.


Upon becoming parents we realised that there's a lack of stylish products that suit the needs of family life well. So we created Huddle Supply Co.  We wanted clever solutions to the many, new challenges we suddenly faced when we became parents and we wanted to love owning them.

Each product is designed and brought to life by us, and we spend extensive time making sure each one meets the inner wants and needs of parents.


“There are so many things you need to buy when you have children, and for the first time in my life I noticed I was shopping for things out of necessity, and there were no lovely options. “


We want our customers to love buying the necessities, just as much as they do a pair of shoes, or a new designer handbag.

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