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Stuffie Hammock
Stuffed Animal Net/ Hammock
Ivory White

Brand: Huddle Supply Co

UPC/EAN: 5060572780194

PRODUCT TYPE: Stuffed animal net or caddy

✅ A Woven Win – Feel organized + keep kids happy - display their stuffies proudly with a beautiful, strong pet net for stuffed animals by Huddle Supply Co. Your net is handmade with eco-cotton that won’t sag like others.

✅ Install Yourself in Minutes - the ONLY plush net with genius NO-DRILL hooks for drywalls – marvel your stuffed animal display in an instant - NO help, NO falling down! Steel hooks + anchors are also included for studs/brick.

✅ Designer Organization – Don’t compromise your style with yet another ugly plastic tub. Tidy your kid's room with a macrame twist on the classic toy net hammock for stuffed animals.

✅ Cuddly Gifting – Show you care with the hanging net for stuffed animals corner for kiddos who can’t get enough of their stuffies. Giving their toys a cute home means the world to them, and their smile will mean the world to you.

✅ For Your Growing Huddle – Hang up your Huddle toy net and pile on the toys! Don't settle for ugly mesh nets that are flimsy and small. No other stuffed animal net or hammock compares to the design and large, 20 lb. capacity of Huddle hammocks.

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