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Stuffed Animal Storage

4 Genius Stuffed Animal Storage Solutions Clever Parents Use to Control Clutter

Feel like you're being overrun by stuffed animals? Sick of asking the kids to tidy them away only to find yourself on your hands an knees doing it day after day? 

Stuffed animal toys are precious to our children, and to our families as they're often given by family and friends, but with every birthday, outing, and other celebration we collect more and more. 

Control the clutter around your home, and try one of these tried and tested stuffed animal storage solutions:

Stuffed Animal Bean Bag - #1

Stuffed Animal Bean Bags take the cake for the best win win solution for all of the family - kids get a new comfy seat and LOVE the novelty of stuffing their stuffed animal toys into a new home and Mom gets a tidy house. You simply fill the stuffed animal bean bag with soft toys, zip it up and job done!

This one is ours - we wanted to create the best stuffed animal bean bag there is.


Huddle Supply Co "Stuffie Seat" 

Stuffed Animal Bean Bag Pros: 

  1. Unlike other stuffed animal storage solutions with a stuffed animal bean bag the toys are OUT OF SIGHT, which is true tranquility for parents who love a tidy house that doesn't look overrun with primary colors

  2. Kids get a new seat and can SELF MANAGE getting their toys in and out - you're not interrupted every time (25 times a day) they want a toy

  3. Toys remain dust free and protected inside a stuffed animal bean bag

  4. Clear your closets too - if you buy one big enough you can also store all sorts of things - think precious baby blankets, afghans, cushions, extra bedding, towels - anything soft you have in your closets can go in!

Stuffed Animal Bean Bag Cons: 

  1. You need to make sure you have enough room for a bean bag in your house, because at the end of the day it's a piece of furniture!

  2. Make sure you get a washable one - as we know too well kids are messy so you want to be able to wash it easily

Stuffed Animal Hammock - #2

Up out of the way, stuffed animal hammocks can hold a lot of stuffed animals and the main benefit is that they are up off the floor, clearing floor space.

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